Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome to the New School Year

Dear MYP Parents and Students,

It is our pleasure to welcome new and returning families to a new school year at Matija Gubec International School. We hope that you are healthy and well, and were able to enjoy special times with your loved ones over the summer break. We believe the 2021/2022 school year will have some semblance of normalcy. We eagerly await to witness our students' laugher, energy and enthusiasm for learning, and look forward to a productive partnership with the families this year.

The school year 2021/2022 starts on Monday, 06/09/2021. The students need to arrive at the designated time:

  • MYP0: 9:00
  • MYP1: 9:05
  • MYP2: 9:10
  • MYP3: 9:15.

The students will have the 90-minute classroom meeting with their homeroom teacher when they will get the books, locker key and timetable.

We hope you and your child are looking forward to the first day of school as much as we are!

MYP Team

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