Who we are: Healthy life could be a choice

Who we are: Healthy life could be a choice

You have probably heard people saying “You are what you eat.” What is hidden behind these words?

Does it mean that if we eat a lot of carrots, we become one? Or if we eat a lot of burgers and fries, we turn into a giant fast-food meal?

We are about to find out all the answers, and even more. In our first Unit of Inquiry, we are going to inquire about healthy choices in food, physical activity and personal hygiene, the link between exercise, nutrition and physical well-being, and the views of different people on balanced meals and healthy lifestyles.

Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fibers. Muscles and fat. Getting and losing energy. Fruit and vegetables or meat? Regular physical exercises or couch potatoes? Photos will tell you which way we are heading. Are you with us?

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