Fairy Tales and Folk Tales Around the World

Fairy Tales and Folk Tales Around the World

We enjoy the smell of books, and sense of peace and quiet in the library. It is not just a place where we return and borrow books, but also a place where we can find out about different stories all around the world.

This month is a Month of Fairy Tales and Folk Tales Around the World. Our librarian teacher Mirna prepares a different folk story for us every time we visit – Slovenian, Norwegian, and other kinds of –ian :-) She reads to us with her gentle and soft voice and we are happy to answer all her questions afterwards.

The Croatian Government declared the year 2021 the Year of Reading based on the proposal by the Ministry of Culture and Media. In this regard, international cultural cooperation is extremely important, acquainting Croatian readers with the international literary tendencies of which Croatian authors represent an integral part. 

Reading contributes to the growth of society and in turn the society needs to enable the adoption and development of reading habits.

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