Minutes to Read

Minutes to Read

To encourage reading and literacy through the popularization of reading for pleasure, the Croatian Readers' Association organized a virtual reading marathon called ‘Minutes to Read’ within the Croatian Book Month. All the libraries were invited to get involved, encouraging their users to send their one-minute reading videos to be published on social networking sites. Our students were also invited to participate and make their own recordings in the school library. They were expected to record a minute of reading a book by a Croatian author of their choice.

MYP0 students recorded their minutes to read while reading the excerpts from How Dad Won Mom, Grga Čvarak, Slonica Ružica and Postman Zeko Brzonogi. They were supported by a speech therapist with an introduction to Šegrt Hlapić and a school librarian who recorded a minute of reading ‘Every crumb is important.

This is a great encouragement for students to read in their own time. 

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