International Celebration Week 2021

International Celebration Week 2021

We always look forward to our annual International Week celebrations when we join together and treasure the multiculturalism of our school community. We celebrate the variety of cultures, heritages and backgrounds that each student brings to our unique community.

The students were happily involved in presenting their countries of origin and took us on a trip around the world to visit Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Croatia, Ethiopia, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Qatar, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey and USA. Each class learned so much about the history, culture, geographical features, architecture, literature, music, dance, national costumes, gastronomy, sport and many other interesting aspects of these countries. We all enjoyed expanding our knowledge boundaries and engaging with a variety of cultures.

We are thankful to all the students for their enthusiastic participation and their families for supporting this valuable school event.

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