After-school Programme

The After-school Programme strives to provide a safe, educationally enriching, fun and rewarding experience for PYP Preschool - PYP 4 students of Matija Gubec International School.

The After-school Program starts at 12PM daily, and ends at 5PM. Students have a variety of language, sports and crafts clubs to choose from, all starting after lunchtime. Clubs can vary during the school year, but usually include: Languages (Italian, French, and German), Drama, Religion (Catholic and Islamic), Information Technology - IT, Sports Clubs (Tae kwon do, Extra Sport), Dance, Music Workshop, Brainboosters, Book Club, Eco group, Scrappbooking etc. We provide a careful supervision along with a friendly interaction.

Students in the After School Program are devided in grades: PYP Preschool, PYP1, PYP2, PYP3 & PYP4.

We provide opportunities for active and child centered learning both indoors and outdoors.

Many activities are taking place as part of our daily routine. The most frequent activities are:

  • Homework time
  • Outdoor games
  • Reading time
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Time for fun

Homework time: students work with teachers to complete their daily homework and revise what they have learned throghout the day. The main aim is establishing and improving their knowledge as well as completing their daily obligations. This is a priority in all classes.

Outdoor games: great for students of all ages. Not only do children learn from exploring what is around them, but they also get into the much needed physical activity. The most common sports are: football, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton.

Reading time: usually taking place in the school library, it helps to encourage younger readers to enjoy reading in a friendly, informal setting. After-school reading time provides an opportunity for children to build and improve reading skills. They can also read in the classroom, taking books from classroom libraries or their own books when they have free time.

Arts and Crafts: The main aim of Arts and Crafts is to give our students a chance to explore a range of different styles and skills through individual and group work. They also devolop creativity in different directions and in many artistic areas including writing, painting, drawing, designing, cooking, playing instruments, singing, acting etc.

Time for Fun: The main aim of Time for Fun is relaxing including playing popular board games, listening to music, drawing, resting, reading comics etc.


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