Chinese Culture Week

Chinese Culture Week

From February 1st to 15th we organised a series of educational workshops within the Chinese Culture Week. The workshops embraced Languages, Geography, Visual Art, Music and P.H.E. classes where the students learnt about the Chinese language, geographical and cultural features, music, calligraphy and martial arts. The students got an excellent opportunity to understand the brilliant and profound culture of China and to experience the broad range and great variety of Chinese traditions and customs.

Geography workshops

As a part of the Chinese week activities students of MYP 2 class participated eagerly in the Mapping China workshop on February 8th. Students were divided into 4 groups, each of them with a specific mapping task: mapping Chinese provinces, 50 biggest cities, landscape, rivers and relief and making graph of the population number change and population pyramids. The students produced some very interesting maps and graphs and learned quite a bit about the country itself. A special thanks goes to Francesco who managed to participate in the work of all groups...

China for Croatian 6th graders by Yuyao and Yuxuan

We could hear the proper pronunciation of Chinese geographical names, so now we finally know how to say them because Cai sisters - Yuyao and Yuxuan presented their home country like they do it on daily basis. From Mt. Everest (Chomolangma, Sagarmatha) to Gobi Desert, from monsoon forests to empty deserts and from remote Shangri La (yes, it exists) to futuristic images of Shanghai and Hong Kong, we witnessed China opening up for our sixth graders who ended up fluently repeating main phrases in Chinese - which means preparing for the future world.

Hrvoje Kuvezdic

Language workshops

On February 7th Yuyao, Hui Di and I held the Chinese Language workshop for fourth graders of the national program. We had a presentation about Chinese culture and we taught them how to write "Happy New Year" in Chinese.

Yuxuan (MYP3)

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