International Mother Language Day in PYP1

International Mother Language Day in PYP1

On Monday 21st 2022 we celebrate one of the most memorable days in Matija Gubec International School - International Mother Language Day. Since our students come from all over the world it is of essential importance to celebrate and value this day. 

In the PYP1 class, we have students from Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine and the Netherlands. That means that in our class we speak 4 languages and learn even more. Since this week we have started our next UOI about transportation, during our Croatian lesson our task was to make a picture book with different means of transportation. 

Our first task was to get in 4 groups of four and three. After each group got their transportation we needed to search what that transportation is called in different languages (Croatian, Turkish, French, Italian and Dutch).

Our next task was to draw large transportation and colour it with markers and in the end, we needed to write down names of our transportation in different languages. 

This activity was fun and interesting. You can check how it went and our final work in the gallery. 

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