Oliver Twist – Theatre Visit

Oliver Twist – Theatre Visit

This month the MYP students have been focusing on the Oliver Twist story during Drama and Language classes. Oliver Twist is written by Charles Dickens, and it is about an orphanage boy who is trying to overcome the daily struggles which lead to many adventures. The students have been watching the Oliver Twist movie, as well as sharing their opinions on the situations occurring in the movie. This was a great way to prepare us for the Oliver Twist play we went to watch on March 14th at the "Vidra Theatre" performed by the American Drama Group Europe in collaboration with TNT Theatre London.

The play lasted for approximately two hours and included all the main parts of the story. The most impressive thing was that it included only five British actors that were playing different roles and two scenography sets: a gallows and a coffin looking box. It was very compelling and entertaining to watch, which shows us that even simple scenography can offer such strong emotions.

Now the students' task will be to compare and contrast the Oliver Twist movie and the Oliver Twist play, and will hopefully be able to learn something new.

Tonka (MYP2)

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