World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

The arrival of spring coincides with the celebration of the World Poetry Day, which we mark every year on March 21st. 

On the occasion of World Poetry Day we organised the ‘Morning of Poems’ in the school library where the MYP2 students, under the guidance of teacher Barbara and teacher Mirna, recited poems on nature in their mother tongues. PYP4 students joined this recital to enjoy the poetry and get to know the diversity of our students' mother tongues. They found some of the languages especially melodious and interesting. 

In Croatian Language and Literature class, the MYP0 and MYP1 students, under the guidance of teacher Mirjana, had a task to write an ekphrasis, a poem inspired by a landscape art painting or photo. As we were about to go on a field trip to the House of Velebit, mountains were a powerful driver for the students who captured their feelings and thoughts on the ethereal beauty of peaks, cliffs and rocks. You are warmly invited to read their inspiring poems in the school library. 

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