Field Trip to Krasno

Field Trip to Krasno

On March 24th we went on a field trip to Krasno, a small village located on the high northern slopes of the Velebit Mountain in the Lika-Senj County.

Upon arrival we visited the Northern Velebit National Park Headquarter where we got a broad picture of the climate, species and habitats, cultural heritage, geology and underground of Northern Velebit.

Afterwards we visited the House of Velebit which, in a modern and interactive way, teaches visitors about the natural and cultural values ​​of the Park and the need for its protection and preservation. It took us back to the past telling us a story of life on Velebit Mountain and the harsh life of farmers and shepherds. We learnt that, by the surface area that it covers, Velebit is the longest and largest mountain of Croatia. The area of Zavižan on the mountain is the coldest area of Croatia. Through the illustrations and animations we got to know how the mountain was created through sedimentation and uplift and how the distinctive karst relief was formed. Velebit is astonishing in its biodiversity with 2 000 plant species and suitable habitats to chamois, brown bear, wolf, lynx, golden eagle and many other animal species.

For a moment we became speleologists and explored the Luka’s Pit, the deepest pit in Croatia, and with the help of the underground lift, entered an underground world, met speleologists and examined their equipment, explored the underground fauna and flora and its adaptations to perpetual darkness, and even heard the original sounds from speleological expeditions – the noise of running and dripping water and falling stones.

At the end we enjoyed the 3D view of the world from a bird’s perspective and explored other facts about natural, cultural and historical heritage through interactive exhibits, 3-D simulations and VR headsets along with much, much more!

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