Soup KItchen Volunteering

Soup KItchen Volunteering

As a part of the Service as Action activity within our annual project 'Street Life' we launched the volunteering program in the Soup Kitchen of the "Missionaries of Charity - Sisters of Mother Teresa".

The turnout has been great - 22 students signed up to volunteer in the soup kitchen on Mondays during the months of March, April and May. Prior to our first visit we were collecting some bread ingredients in our school. On March 26th our first group of students - Ana, Mara and Noella (MYP3) accompanied by teacher Ina started to volunteer. We brought flour, salt, sugar and dry yeast that the students and their parents generously donated. We were welcomed by Sister Dobrila and went on to volunteer in the soup kitchen. We peeled potatoes, chopped vegetables, and served meals. In the end we washed the dishes and tidied up the kitchen.

Here are some of the impressions of our students:

Ana: "I really enjoyed our visit to the Soup Kitchen because it made me happy and content when I worked with my friends, our teacher Ina and the staff there to ensure that the people who are in need receive a nice and warm meal. The Soup Kitchen visit meant a lot to me because it was an outlet for my positive thoughts to be put into positive actions that will mean something to the people who need the help."

Mara: "I felt that the Soup kitchen was very organized and very nice. I thought it was very nice to help out the community and those who don't have as much as we do. This made me feel very helpful and fulfilled and encourage me to help out more."

Noella: "In the Soup kitchen, I felt glad that I was able to help someone in need. Helping out at the Soup kitchen helped me realize that even a small bit of help may mean a lot to someone else. I am very happy that my help was meaningful to others, and this encourages me to keep on helping."

It was a pleasant and useful experience for all of us. I would like to thank once again the Missionaries of Charity for opening their door and their hearts to us, and allowing us to help those most in need. We headed home with our hearts full, wishing to return some other time to help those living at the edge of existence, and also help Sisters who radiate an incredible joy of life and love.

We would like to thank all the students and their parents for their generous donations and to all the students-volunteers. Thank you all!

Ina Tomic

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