Ježeva kućica in The Trešnja Theatre

Ježeva kućica in The Trešnja Theatre

On Tuesday, the 12th of April, PYP0 students went to the Theatre Trešnja to see the show Ježeva kućica.
Ježeva kućica is one of the most famous Croatian picturebooks written by Branko Čopić. Its first edition was in 1949 and since then it was often animated and presented on theatrical boards. We loved this theatrical adaptation. The play is very interesting and fun because it includes songs, dance and jokes, and all the original verses are involved in the story.

"Po šumi, širom, bez staze, puta,
Ježurka Ježić povazdan luta.
Lovom se bavi, često ga vide,
s trista kopalja na juriš ide!" 

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