Field Trip to Italy

Field Trip to Italy

During our three-day field trip to Italy we visited the towns of Ravenna and Rimini, the thematic park 'Italia in Miniatura', the Mirabilandia Amusement Park and San Marino.

On the first day we arrived at school around 6:45 and got on the bus with our luggage. We had a long ride around 7 hours till we finally reached the beautiful town of Ravenna where we ate some fancy Italian food (pasta) and we had a short tour around the town. The town was very interesting and is full of old monuments with beautiful historical stories behind them. In the evening that day we arrived at the hotel in the town of Rimini. Next morning after breakfast we went sightseeing the town of Rimini. After a tour we visited the thematic park 'Italia in Miniatura' with around 273 miniatures of famous Italian and European buildings in a scale 1:25 or 1:50. In the afternoon we went to Mirabilandia amusement park which was the best part because there were so may awesome rollercoasters and some really cool water rides. I wish we had more time in Mirabilandia because to me it was the best part of the field trip. Later when we arrived to the hotel we had dinner and after dinner we went for a walk on the beach. On the last day we went to San Marino. It took us about an hour to get there. San Marino has such a beautiful view, it also had beautiful monuments, history and architecture. After enjoying some free time and lunch in San Marino we drove back to Zagreb.

In general the trip was very fun and interesting. I hope there will be more field trips like this one where we go out of Croatia.

Leona (MYP2)

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