Polar Dream

Polar Dream

On May 14th Davor Rostuhar, well-known travel writer, photographer, explorer and our former student visited our school and presented us his incredible adventure - the first Croatian expedition to the South Pole.

He told us how he flew to the South America and sailed on the boat to the coasts of Antarctica. We listened his story how he walked 1200 km for 47 days on foot on skis from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole completely alone and without using any external energy from wind, animals or engines. He pulled everything he needed for the 47 days that the expedition lasted on a sled weighing 137 kg at the start. He even showed us a video with his daily routine.

We had a great time enjoying this interesting lecture which woke up a little child in our teachers as well. We are proud that MG former student is the first Croat and 24th person in history who conquered the South Pole on foot.

Konstantin (MYP2)

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