Solaris Field Trip

Solaris Field Trip

After months and months of anticipation May 7th had finally arrived and marked the beginning of the great adventure that PYP 3 and PYP 4 were about to embark on.

At around 9 o'clock that monday we started our journey towards Solaris in the wonderful city of Šibenik. Our first stop was (one would never guess) Buffalo Bill City near Biograd where we had lunch and explored the life that was once lead by Indians and Cowboys. After getting some rest we continued our journey and arrived safely in Šibenik.

Needles to say we were all tired from the trip but that didn's stop us from exploring the beaches around our hotel and having a wonderful time playing mini golf. Just as you thought that must have of been it, we have just started getting ready for a night at the disco!

The next morning everybody got up very early, because it was time to head towards Vransko Lake (Vransko jezero) where we got the chance to tour the lake on an educational trail and observe birds in their natural habitat using binoculars and telescopes. We played games with our tour guides and learned about different kinds of animals and plants that reside in that area.

After the tour had ended we had lunch at the Kamenjak viewpoint. Upon arriving to our hotel that afternoon we had an amazing time at the pool and after dinner, you will have guessed it - DISCO NIGHT!

On wednesday, the third day of our big trip, we headed off to explore Velebit. But it wasn't an ordinary kind of exploration - we did it in Jeep's! Although the day was somewhat rainy we still got to see some beautiful views and sights, we walked around and observed plants, enjoyed the Zrmanja Falls and after a full day of excitement fully awed still managed to get to the hotel just in time for some disco dancing!

Not the least bit tired we welcomed thursday, the day of our visit to Split and the Klis Fortess. In Split we were welcomed by our tour guide who took us around the city and talked us through the life of ancient Romans. After having lunch it was time to visit the Klis Fortess and learn about its history. Listening and observing wasn't the only thing we did at the Fortress, we also practiced archery! Since this was the last night we were to spend in Solaris it is only natural that we would spend it at the disco! And oh, how fun it was!

The days went by very fast and friday had arrived. All packed and Zagreb bound we got on our bus only to remember that we had one last stop to make - Fun Park Mirnovec!

From that point on the excitement never subsided and needless to say - once we got there we weren't dissapointed. All of the exciting rides, the slides, the roller coasters... It was truly the best possible ending to an amazing trip alltogether!

Looking forward to next year!

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