Congrats to Winners!

National Football Championship

MG School Football Team, with our MYP1 students - Antonio, Ivan and Viktor, achieved outstanding sports results. They won first prize in the Primary Schools National Football Championship! Congratulations to our state champions!!!

Tradition and Contemporary Exhibition

Our students visited the Opening Ceremony of the Tradition and Contemporary Exhibition on May 19th at the Mimara Museum. This year's theme was Preserving the Heritage of Traditional and Contemporary Architecture of the Republic of Croatia The students, under the great guidance of their Visual Art teacher Ms. Ivana Devernay Cimic, have greatly presented their artwork. We would like to congratulate to Laura (MYP1) who is ranked among the top 10 students in Croatia. We would also like to congratulate to the MYP2 students - Francesco, Tonka and Luka S. and Andrija (MYP1) whose art work was also selected for the Tradition and Contemporary Exhibition. Bravo!!!

School Co-Op Contest 2018

Our School Cooperative "That's it!" participated at the 16th Review of School Cooperative Society of the City of Zagreb that was held on May 29th, 2018 at the Zrinjevac Park. Under the great guidance of the School Co-op Leader, Ms. Ivana Devernay Cimic the students presented the new hand-made cosmetic bags that they had lovingly designed and made. Their effort, enthusiasm and creativity has been recognized and they won first place in the School Co-Op Contest of the City of Zagreb.

We would like to congratulate to Lucia, Mia, Ozge and Yuyao (MYP1) and teacher Ivana along with all the students and teachers who worked diligently for this success and praise them for their amazing creativity and excellent achievement. We are all happy and proud of the achievements of our School Cooperative and wish them all the success in their future work!

International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest

And last, but not least, we got the results from the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest that 130 students of our school have participated in. We are so proud of all of our students and their achievements, especially of Mihael (MYP0) who is among the top ten percent of the students in Croatia! Congratulations!

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