Interliber visit

Interliber visit

On November 10th six MYP1 students accompanied by our school librarian Ms. Mirna Ćurković visited the largest literary event in Croatia - Interliber.

'Interliber' offered many books in Croatian, English and other languages. We saw the latest book editions such as ‘Spaceboy’ by David Walliams, ‘Diary of the Wimpy Kid’, Star Wars books and many comics such as Spiderman and Asterix. We were happy as we got a bunch of books and bookmarks for ourselves and school.

We also met Ms. Edita Braje who explained us the book translation process. The translators first read the book and decide which country to target. Before they start translating a book they need to get the author’s permission and translation rights. If a deal is made, the book will then be translated which is followed by editing and proofreading to check a text for spelling and punctuation errors. The last step is to publish a translated edition in other countries and languages.

Interliber was great! We enjoyed mingling in huge crowds of book lovers, exploring books from the extensive selection that was on offer and getting familiar with the newest editions.

Journalists: Karla and Mayon (MYP1)

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