Multilingual translation workshop in the Knežija Library

Multilingual translation workshop in the Knežija Library

The MYP students, accompanied by the school librarian Ms. Mirna Krajačić and the Geography teacher Ms. Matea Jarić, participated in the multilingual translation workshop that was organised within the Croatian Book Month on 15th November 2023 in the Knežija Library.

After reading the original in Croatian, from an autor signed book, the students translated well-known Dobrisa Cesaric's poem The Small Fruit Tree After Rainfall (Voćka poslije kiše) in 7 of their mother languages - Albanian, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Polish and Slovak. Some of them were even brave enough to read their translations out loud and all the translations are presented on a poster in our school library.

We would like to thank the Knežija Library and their librarian Ms. Ina Tomić for their hospitality. 


Voćka poslije kiše - Polish


Voćka poslije kiše - Slovakian


Voćka poslije kiše - Albanian



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