Autumn in the Forest

Autumn in the Forest

A few weeks ago our PYP students went on a field trip, "Autumn in the Forest,". This immersive program was designed to introduce our PYP students to the wonders of the autumn season while fostering teamwork and collaboration through engaging activities. Field trips like these serve as invaluable extensions of classroom learning, offering practical experiences that enrich our students' knowledge.

Our educational adventure took place in the enchanting City of Youth, nestled within the lush greenery of Zagreb's Granešina and Dubrava districts. These areas, known for their scenic beauty and natural abundance, provided the perfect backdrop for our autumn-themed exploration.


Highlights of the day

Educational Forest Walk: Our students embarked on an informative walk through the City of Youth, focusing on the autumn theme. This walk included a variety of educational and creative activities, allowing our students to connect with nature in meaningful ways.

Mini Disco: A delightful mini disco session awaited our young explorers, allowing them to groove to their favorite tunes and enjoy the festive atmosphere, creating lasting memories of fun and camaraderie.

Forest Olympic Games: In the spirit of sportsmanship, students actively participated in the Forest Olympic Games, engaging in various outdoor activities that promoted physical fitness and teamwork. These activities not only provided a sense of achievement but also encouraged cooperation among the students.


We are pleased to say that our students thoroughly enjoyed the day, embracing the educational experiences and the spirit of collaboration. These activities have not only enhanced their understanding of the natural world but have also instilled valuable life skills.

Here's to more successful and exciting adventures in the future!

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