MYP Winter Sports Field Trip

MYP Winter Sports Field Trip

The snow has finally fallen and many opportunities for having fun in the snow arise. Going out sledging is an easy and fun way to enjoy the snow.

On January 24th, the MYP0 and MYP1 students had a winter sports day in the mountainous Žumberak-Samobor Hills Nature Park. The sledging slope was nice with good snow, with no ice and no crowd. But the weather was even more amazing, it was nice and sunny, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was blue with no sign of any clouds.

The students and teachers enjoyed the thrills of sledging and great team atmosphere in a glorious sunlit landscape and an ocean blue sky. We also had some games on the snow – snow ball fight, building a snowman and building a snow fortress. A wonderful winter day will be fondly remembered. All of us can’t wait for another sledging adventure.

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