Visit to the French Institute

Visit to the French Institute

On the 28th of February MYP students attending French as an optional subject visited the French institute located in the centre of the town.

We were greeted by two French teachers, one of them being a native speaker. First, they showed us the lobby, and they took us downstairs to the library. After that, we explored the upstairs library with children’s books, CDs and DVDs. Then, we had a small meeting in the lobby, where we introduced ourselves. The teachers also taught us some sports in French, since the Olympic games are going to be held in Paris this year. We even acted them out, and had a small quiz about them, too. Then we returned upstairs and looked at some books, and played some games.

Our favourite part was the ‘Book hunt’ game, when we needed to find a book on the theme the teacher proposed. Overall, we liked the visit, because we got familiar with all the educational activities that the French Institute could offer us. We are thankful to our French teacher Ms. Branka who initiated this visit.

Klara and Zofia (MYP Journalist Group)


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