Carnival Day in the PYP

Carnival Day in the PYP

In Croatia, we call it fašnik, poklade, maškare, those are just some of the names for the Carnival that takes place right before Lent.

This year, students marked Carnival with big enthusiasm. Some came to school wearing their costumes which made the day fun!!

Everyone had some good laughs with their mates and teachers, enjoying each other costumes. PYP 4 students made a phenomenal artwork featuring Carnival masks, using pastels.

Carnival days are traditionally celebrated across Croatia, some cities like Rijeka even have street parades to mark the Carnival. A silly tradition is that children dress up and go from house to house, wearing costumes and singing songs, people usually give them candy or money. One of the traditional songs from Stubičke Toplice is:

Danas su maškare (today is maškare)
Veseli je dan (it is a happy day)
Dajte nam bilo kaj (give us anything)
I sterajte nas van (and send us away)



Take a look at the gallery as proof of great fun on a Carnival day in the PYP!

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