STEM Club visited the LABUST lab

STEM Club visited the LABUST lab

On March 19th the MYP students, members of the STEM Club, visited the LABUST lab (Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

The students learned about acoustic communication and the impact of sounds on the behaviour of dolphins and other marine mammals. The students learnt how the LABUST worked on helping ships to locate marine life even in unfavourable conditions. LABUST is developing technology for both marine animals’ well-being and ship’s captains. The LABUST creates many marine sonar detectors and water robots that help clean up the underwater litter. They also have autonomous submarines that collect data in the world’s oceans. The students also had an opportunity to pilot a surface platform and two ROVs in the pool.

We had a great time and we are thankful to Mr. Roee Diamant and his colleagues for inviting us and showing us the beauty and challenges of the everyday life of a scientist :-)

Mayon (MYP Journalist Group)


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