Valentine's Mail

Valentine's Mail

Dear Students,

February 14th is, as you all know, Valentine's Day. 

All those who are happily or unhappily in love, have a crush or a friend to whom they want to say something beautiful, can do that again through our good old Valentine's mail.

The post operates from Thursday, February 8 to Tuesday, February 13, and letters will be delivered to all lucky students on Wednesday, February 14.

Be inventive, creative and generous, boldly put on paper what's on your heart and put it in an envelope on which you will write the name, surname and class of the recipient.

You can bring your mail during the library's working hours and put it in the box provided for it.

Make sure that your letter is noticed, decorated, unique, and if you want to send more than a letter, you can also pack a small, simple gift with the letter.

P.S. We do not accept inappropriate letters and letters without an envelope!

Many greetings to brave hearts!

Irena Šafarik and Mirna Krajačić, librarians

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