PYP Exhibition

PYP Exhibition

PYP Exhibition is a special unit at the end of the Primary Years Programme through which students are able to show everything they have learned so far, all the skills they acquired and finally try to make a difference by taking action.

Each part of this long process is important - starting from choosing the topics, creating central ideas and lines of inquiry to investigating further into that, taking action and preparing presenting for the final event. All of that enables students to grow more and more independent, and be better at teamwork.

Students also learn how to work alone without having a teacher constantly leading them and watching over them, as the Exhibition is all about students as leaders of the whole process .

Finally, after eight weeks of inquiring into four different topics, the special day came, the culminating event in which students were able to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the topics - they presented their central ideas, lines of inquiry, the inquiry process and direct action they took in their community, to their parents and other members of the school community.

PYP4 students celebrated their final year of primary with huge success and we are incredibly proud of their accomplishments. Congratulations, PYP4! 

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