Successful Emergency Evacuation Drill

Successful Emergency Evacuation Drill

As safety and welfare of our students are our highest priorities, we have organized an evacuation emergency drill which was performed at the highest standards according to the Work Safety Regulations (Zakon o zaštiti na radu).


The emergency drill was preformed successfully as all of the students and members of school staff were evacuated in a timely manner. Most importantly, it was panic and stress free because all of the students were previously informed about the evacuation rules by their teachers.


To provide our school an opportunity to practice emergency response procedures, the School Administration in cooperation with work safety experts has organizing an emergency evacuation drill for all students and staff on Wednesday 11/12/2019 at 10 o’clock.


In addition to the emergency evacuation drill the school staff demonstrated providing first aid to an injured person (student) and a fire extinguish drill under the supervision of the work safety experts, which was very exciting for the students to see.


The goal of the training drill was to improve our ability to protect students, reduce injuries and to raise awareness of emergency preparedness.


Students and parents, thank you for your cooperation!

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