Visit to the Children's Home Brezovica

Visit to the Children's Home Brezovica

On the 16th of December we embarked on a journey all the way to Brezovica, where there was an extraordinary little place called Children's Home "Alozije Stepinac", home to orphans and children with special needs. Our group was given a tour of the place, and we met some of the children and people who lived there. The people there were very friendly and sweet, and they were overjoyed to see the presents we brought them for Christmas. It was really sad, however, but it was very good that they were happy in the home. We had lots of fun, we talked to them and got to know them, we played together and made them happy, and danced a lot, which was very fun for all of us!

This visit to Brezovica was very meaningful to all of us because we were taught to be grateful with what we have, for maybe some don't have those things. I hope that people will consider coming here more often to help out and meet the great people there as well. 

Mia (MYP2)

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