Who likes 'Fritule'?

Who likes 'Fritule'?

'Fritule' is a traditional Croatian recipe that our mothers and grandmas used to make during Carneval time (for 'Maškare'). Since Carneval is around the corner, we decided to try the recipe, and it turned out delicious!


Now, keep in mind that kind can not make Fritulas by themselves, because you fry them in hot oil. When you make them at home, parents should take over the stove, and kids can make the dough!


So here is our traditional recipe (for 20-25 small Fritulas):


9 big spoons of flour (smooth)

2 big spoons of sugar

1 yoghurt

1 baking powder

1 vanilla sugar

1 apple (peeled and grated)

1 big spoon of oil

a little bit of lemon zest


Our Fritulas turned out puffy and delicious, and we will definitely make them again!


Enjoy the recipe and our, ooooh soooo tasty,  gallery!



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