Will it FLOAT or SINK?

Will it FLOAT or SINK?

Within our Transportation Unit, today we did an experiment: does an object FLOAT or SINK? 

We had soooo much fun! 

You can do the same thing at home, all you need is a big glass bowl full of water and a few objects that you don't mind would get wet. Then... put them in the bowl and see what happens! 

What will float and what will sink?!

Also, we made sponge boats with a small kitchen sponge, a paper sail and a toothpick. Next week, when all of our classmates come back to school, we will have a boat race!

But, there is still a question that we were not sure how to answer... why don't we sink when we swim in the sea? 

Hmm... Can anyone, please, explain that to us? 

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