Figures of Speech

Figures of Speech

In this unit MYP3 students are exploring figures of speech. Here are some poems in which they tried to use onomatopoeia and personification. Well done MYP3!



As I felt the ground rumble,

I thought my room would crumble,

As I heard my mother scream,

I wished it was all a dream,

My heart thumping against my chest,

I felt oh so stressed

Emma D.


The roses teach the lovers about their passion.

While the stream comforts the weeps of widows.

Morning, awake the hope in me for a better tomorrow

As the dusk dances in all colors revealing the beauty of the night time.

The night, guide the stars onto the sky to become specks in the darkness.

Moon, gaze on the lost travelers and show them the path.

Mia Z.


The bright moon guides me,

in the forest that surrounds me.

It is the night that reminds me

that the trees standing tall are my beloved ones beside me.

Every stepped-on leaf crunched below my feet.

When out the blue, the sky began to let out weeps.

After some time, I heard whispers, must be dawn.

The sun peaks from the horizon onto the meadow, and now the night has withdrawn.

Andrija B


Valley, guides me to my destination.

Sun, shows me the strength when I feel powerless.

The moon, comforts me in the darkest of nights.

The mountain it listens to me when I am alone.

Dawn, reminds me that there will always be the next day for the next journey.

Nikola M.


As the cold night falls

And the wind whispers to my soul

The dark moon rises

And for hours and hours it lightens the souls beneath

But nothing lasts forever, not even the moon

I watch silently, as the moon battles the dawn

When will it be over? Not one person can know

But then finally, after hours of battle, the light takes over

Evan M.


The mysterious ocean dances its way,

through the night when the wind blows.

The bright sun brings back memories,

that could never be lost.

The long, dark night listens to peoples’ problems,

as they walk down the lonely streets.

The shining moon guides us,

through the dark nights when we are lost.

Antea D.


The sea dances through day and night,

never taking a break.

The moon guides the sailors through the dark night,

showing them the directions.

The night, painted by the stars reveal their past and future.

As the Sun awakens, they see it.

The island which tells all the deepest and darkest secrets.

Maša M.


With the plop and the splash of the beer

You already know, this will be a happy year

The giggle of the drunk man

Who sailed to and back from Japan

The cheer of the crowd

For me it is too loud

Should I head home or should I not

If I stay here I might even get shot

I gulp down another beer

Now I should really get away from here

I rise from my chair and bounce into my boots

I slowly start walking away and the crowd finally mutes

Evan M.




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