Visit to the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory

Visit to the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory

Within the World Space Week on October 5th the MYP0 students accompanied by the Geography teacher Mr. Hrvoje Kuveždić and librarian Ms. Mirna Ćurković visited the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory.

At the Observatory we took a short tour, watched the presentation and learnt about the space – planets, stars, galaxies, asteroids. Everybody got a chance to look through a big telescope. We observed the planet Venus. We have been taught to never look at the Sun through a telescope as that might damage our eye, but we could watch the Sun's image projected onto a piece of paper. The astronomer demonstrated us how a piece of paper can be burnt by focusing the Sun rays at one point using the lens.

After admiring a great view of our city from the top of the Priest’s Tower in which the Observatory is located we came back to school with good impressions and new exciting experiences.

Photo Group: Lena, Petra, Sofia and Giulia (MYP0)

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