MYP0 Zagreb City Tour

MYP0 Zagreb City Tour

On October 8th all the MYP students took a City tour. We explored the Lenuci Horseshoe and visited all the attractions along the way admiring many statues of famous people such as King Tomislav, Ban Josip Jelačić, Marko Marulić and Josip Juraj Strossmayer.

Along the route we visited the Botanical Garden. We learnt that Zagreb Botanical Garden plant collection consisted of 5.000 species. We saw a lot of trees and plants there, but also some fish and turtles in a pond. We were astonished when we heard from our librarian that seven very rare and protected cactuses were stolen along with some books from the library.

We also visited the Chocolate Museum. Throughout the museum we had seven savouring stations where we tried different samples of chocolate and learnt about history of chocolate. We found out how cocoa beans were harvested, that chocolate used to be first a beverage for adults and that the cocoa beans used to be a currency or trading stuff – for example people needed to pay 300 cocoa beans for a turkey, 3 beans for an egg, one bean for a tomato. The people used to work the whole day for 100 cocoa beans. Our favorite place was a savoring station where we had to sample three different kinds of chocolate - white, milk, and dark.

We rounded the tour with a picnic in the Zrinjevac Park.

We walked around 14 km that day. It was quite an ambitious tour and we came back tired but happy to school as we learnt and experienced so many new things. The photos of the City tour are posted on the MYP homepage, but here you may find the photos taken by our Photo Group highlighting some nice details of our tour.

Photo Group: Petra, Sofia, Giulia and Lena (MYP0)

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