Field trip to Gorski kotar

Field trip to Gorski kotar

On October 23rd we went on a field trip to Gorski kotar. We visited the Stara Sušica Castle in Ravna Gora where we participated in the 'Harry Potter School of Magic' organised in cooperation with the Youth Centre Rijeka. We made our own magic wands and learnt about Harry Potter’s magic world through the prism of some important life lessons.

After lunch we spent some time playing around the castle, picnicking and enjoying the unspoiled nature. We also visited the town of Fužine where we took a walking tour around the Bajer Lake. While being ‘unplugged’ from technology we enjoyed the scenery, fresh air and spending some quality time with our classmates and teachers.

This field trip was a great break from the city buzz and our usual school routine taking learning opportunities on the road and recharging our batteries for the time ahead of us.

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