ZOO and Maksimir

ZOO and Maksimir

On December 16th we visited the ZOO. We vividly experienced the sights, sounds and thrills of the ZOO and felt a connection with wildlife. We enriched our knowledge by learning fun facts about each animal, especially about rare and endangered species.

Jumping with excitement the students witnessed numerous animals - from lions to sea lions, zebras, wolves, tigers, lynxes, deer, rabbits, meerkats, alligators, crocodiles, etc., but we also encountered some birds like parrots, emu, pelicans, eagles, big owls and water birds like ducks and swans. We also took cool photos at special photo corners and entertaining features placed there on the occasion of the ‘Polar Advent in the Wild Heart of the City Zagreb’.

After visiting the ZOO we took a short walking tour of the Maksimir Park enjoying the nature and learning about its cultural-historical heritage.

It was an exciting and magical day for everyone. Photos speak louder than words!

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