Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

No money. 

No store-bought gifts.

No electronics.

No toys.

You can only wish for things that are free.


Imagine hearing THIS when having to write a letter to Santa! The first things that came out of the students were:

'What kind of holidays would that be?

No money, but how am I supposed to get a Playstation then?

Makeup has to be bought in a store!

We can't write a letter like thaaat!'


Right at that moment, one of the students said 'But we can ask Santa for time spent with our family!'.

And that's when the holiday spirit kicked in. Cooking with their grandmothers, traveling with parents, having their grandparents over for holiday dinner, learning how to ride a bike, seeing an old friend, were just some of the beautiful presents they wished for! 

We spread some holiday spirit today, learning that the best presents truly do not cost a thing. 

Send your letters to Santa or put them under the tree and share them with your loved ones. Give out those free presents this year. They warm a heart more than a new Playstation, we promise!

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