Žumberak-Samobor Field Trip

Žumberak-Samobor Field Trip

On March 24th and March 25th we went on a field trip to the Žumberak Nature Park-Samobor Hills and Town of Samobor.

We visited the Budinjak Eco-Centre where the MYP0 and MYP1 students participated in the ‘Treasure hunt’ outdoor activity practising their orientation skills using a compass and a map within an educational program ‘A Young Park Ranger’ under an expert guidance in the English language. The MYP2 and MYP3 students took a 4.2 km hiking tour along the educational ‘Trail of Princes’, while learning about the archaeological and biological particularities of Žumberak area. We had lunch at the beautiful estate Kršlinov mlin.

We also visited the St. Barbara's Mine in the village of Rude. We walked through 350 metres of the underground centuries-old tunnels Saint Trinity and Kokel, searching for the Bergmans. According to local legends the Bergmans were yellow-skinned dwarfs with snake eyes, long beards dressed in green, who were digging for gold and distracted miners in everyday jobs. A tour of the mine would be incomplete without tasting the most famous mining cake ‘rudarska greblica’ that used to be the only meal of miners and now is listed in the Croatian Intangible Cultural Heritage.

We rounded off our trip with a short walking tour of the town of Samobor where we had a delicious treat with ‘kremšnita’ that has received the status of an intangible cultural property as of January 18th, 2021.

We had a great time while learning outside the classroom and a perfect sunny day made this trip even more enjoyable.

Each year we traditionally organise the joint field trips with our IB colleagues and students from Danila Kumar International School, Ljubljana. This time they joined us virtually, exploring the sights, investigating, gathering important information and completing some field trip tasks. We wish they could have been with us, but hope we will see each other next year! We shared our field trip reflections with them and are looking forward to receiving theirs:

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