No water, no life! No blue, no green!

No water, no life! No blue, no green!

Can you imagine our life without water? We sure can't! 


And never have we been more aware of the importance of water than now, while working on our current Unit of inquiry. 

Throughout this unit, we are learning about the properties of water (for which we did the experiments), water usage and conservation, distribution and availability of usable water, and most importantly, our responsibility towards the water. 


Within one of our unit assignments, our students have conducted research on how we use water in our everyday life, at home and in school. Also, they found a few innovative ways on preserving our water and what we can do to save it. They made some rainy clouds (since we are learning about the water cycle too!) and have made mobiles on water usage and saving.


Check them out in the gallery!

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