Our Zoo Trip

 Our Zoo Trip

Today we had a blast on our field trip! First, we visited the Zagreb Zoo where we met with our guide, Ms. Maja. She taught us a lot about mammals, amphibians, reptiles and other animal groups. We were really excited to see all the animals, but we especially loved seeing the "Tropical House" where we saw different reptiles - snakes, lizards and crocodiles. After our walk through the Zoo, we stopped in the souvenir shop and bought a toy (or two) so we could have a long-lasting memory of the trip.  


Then we took a walk through Maksimir Park and enjoyed the beautiful nature around us. After the walk, we had some free time in the park which we spent playing soccer, tag, hide and seek and other fun games. Some of us even organized a picnic! :) 


We would love to go back soon! 

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