Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning

As a part of our 5th Unit of Inquiry Living Things, under the transdisciplinary theme How the World Works, we have mostly focused on developing our research skills. 

We went to the Zagreb ZOO where we saw a lot of animals in their enclosures. The zookeepers are trying hard to create something like their natural habitats. We were told a lot about birds in the walking guide tour The ABCs of Ornithology.

Our research included visiting our school library and finding different non-fiction books that support our inquiry. We used ICT in our research, exploring various online platforms and libraries. Technology is all around us. It is up to us adults whether we our children use it to play games, or to develop their inquiry skills researching various topics.

The children worked in pairs and in teams according to their interest, and a lot of research was conducted individually on tablets. The final product was an educational yet fun poster. They have already been presenting a lot during this school year, but this time we focused our presentation on our research.

We also used this opportunity to plant seeds of heirloom cherry tomatoes. In science, we measure and record things, so we carefully measured our seedlings each week, after we made sure we watered them enough and let them sunbathe on our classroom windowsill.  

After reading, interpreting and enjoying the classic A Very Hungry Caterpillar, we weaved the leaves with threads, practising fine motor skills, but also had fun imitating a huge, long human caterpillar during our gym lesson.

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