A Poem of Love

A Poem of Love

Dear familes,

for you!


With love,




                           A POEM OF LOVE


Dearest mommy,

                your beautiful heart,

               is like a piece of art.

              When we're together it's always sunny,

              I love when you call me honey!


Dearest daddy,

                I know you can't always be here,

                but in my heart you're always near.

                Daddy, you're so full of love,

                you and I fit like a glove!


Dearest grandma,

                everytime you cook me food,

                I'm always in a good mood.

                I can feel your warm smile,

                even when you're away for a while!


Dearest grandpa,

                you teach me things I didn't know

                wheather it is sun or snow.

                You tell me the best stories,

                with you I have no worries!


To my family,

                When you are near

                I never fear.

               let's make it clear,

              I LOVE YOU DEAR!

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