Parents as Teachers Day

Parents as Teachers Day

In the past week, we had the pleasure to have parents as our PYP3 guest teachers. Two moms accepted the challenge of being a teacher for a lesson!

It was obvious that our guest teachers were quite skillful at having presentations in front of an audience. Not only were their kids proud beyond measure, but the parents also got a glimpse of our schoolwork and our daily school life.

Our Unit of Inquiry lesson was all about the differences and similarities between cultures in the world, and our English lesson was about an instrument from African culture, called Mbira. 

Hopefully, our guest-mom-teachers felt welcome and will gladly share their experience with others. Maybe next time we will have other parents also join our lessons? We would love that!

We were so concentrated on the lessons that we did not take a lot of photos, but some of them are in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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