Field trip to Hrvatsko zagorje

Field trip to Hrvatsko zagorje

On Wednesday, the 6th of April, PYP0 students went on a field trip to Hrvatsko zagorje. They visited Donja Stubica and went to see the statue of our famous risk-taker Matija Gubec. Since our school is named after this hero, we heard a well-known story about him and his battle. He led the preparations for the uprising and led part of the peasant army in Hrvatsko zagorje, where he was, probably, proclaimed peasant king. After the riot was quelled, he was captured and taken to Zagreb. There he was tortured and, in the end, killed.
We visited Gubec Linden Tree (Gupčeva lipa) and took a photo under it. It stands next to the Church of St. George in Gornja Stubica. This 400-year-old Gubec Linden Tree is the only living witness of the Peasants' Revolt in 1573. Today it is 9 m high and has a trunk diameter of 4.70 m.  

After lunch students participated in a workshop and got the opportunity to learn how to paint old wooden toys. They are a part of a tradition in his region. Our parents and even grandparents played with them when they were our age.
This field trip was fun and interesting. We enjoyed our free time in nature the best! :)

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