Northern Dalmatia Field Trip

Northern Dalmatia Field Trip

From May 16th to 18th we went on a three-day field trip to the Northern Dalmatia.

We visited the Vrana Lake Nature Park, hunted the treasure of the Zadar Old Town, explored the unspoiled nature of the National Park Paklenica through the Jeep Safari Tour, enjoyed the fishing cruise through the Biograd Aquatorium and had a great time in the adventurous Fun Park.

On the first day we visited the Vrana Lake Nature Park where we observed many bird species through the Birdwatching program. We learnt that there were around 260 bird species occasionally or permanently living in the area of the Nature Park, representing 65 percent of all bird species in Croatia. After the Birdwatching program we had lunch at the beautiful viewpoint Kamenjak. Then we visited the town of Zadar. We were split into a number of small groups and took part in the Treasure Hunt of the Zadar Old Town. It was a great 'hunt' where we got to know the City Square, Five Wells Square, Land Gate, St. Anastasia Cathedral, St. Donatus Church, Roman Forum, Pillory of Shame, Kampo Kastelo, Providure's Palace. We ended our tour at the Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun where we witnessed the most beautiful sunset in the world.

The second day we went on the Jeep Safari through the National Park Paklenica. It was a thrilling road-off adventure where we were captivated by the Velebit Mountain and made many stops to admire the unspoiled nature, impressive karst forms and beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea. When we returned to the hotel we had a lot of fun - we were swimming in the sea, building sandcastles and playing on the waterslide at the outdoor pool. In the evening we had a Beach Party with torches and music, singing and dancing.

On the last day we took a boat ride through the Biograd Aquatorium and Pasman Channel. On this 'fishing cruise' we visited the islands of Vrgada and Kosara to see cage fish farming. After the boat ride we visited the Fun Park Mirnovec in the town of Biograd where we had so much fun on the rollercoasters, pirate ships, Haunted house, bumper cars and many other adventures.

This field trip was very fun and enjoyable. We learnt and experienced so many new things. It was a field trip that we will never forget.

Antea, Masa & Mia (MYP1)

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