Ski Trip to Rogla

Ski Trip to Rogla

On Sunday, January 14th, our PYP students, teachers and ski instructors gathered in front of the school with excitement and full of enthusiasm headed for Pohorje Hills, Rogla Ski Resort in Slovenia.

It was a perfect opportunity to relax in an idyllic winter wonderland, to learn and practice skiing, socialize with classmates and participate in all kinds of fun and academic activities which all the teachers thoughtfully organized.

Every day, students started with a healthy breakfast and then headed out for the ski slopes where they either learned skiing for the first time or improved already learned skills. In any case, fun and adventure were guaranteed.

It’s essential to balance the thrill of the slopes with the variety of non-skiing activities. Students had the opportunity to explore winter landscapes with their teachers by going for walks in the woods. Moreover, other activities included going to the indoor pool, baking, playing sports, having a movie night, reading, playing social games and of course, booging down during disco nights.

One thing was certain, during this year’s ski trip to Rogla Ski Resort, everyone made memories that will last a lifetime. Included are some photos that evoke only part of the atmosphere of the fantastic ski trip.

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