Exhibition Visit: Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel

Exhibition Visit: Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel

“Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it”, said once Salvador Dali. That is exactly what we have learned during the exhibition of Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel. You can never reach perfection, but you can choose to outlook the imperfection.

On November 26th MYP2 and MYP3 students visited the exhibition Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel: A Historic Encounter of Pupil and Teacher’ held at the Art Pavilion. We got acquainted with the art work of the famous Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac and the art work of Alexandre Cabanel, the important French painter under whom Bukovac studied painting in Paris. Before looking at the artworks, we watched a theatrical performance of Hands whose screenplay is based on the autobiographical book of Vlaho Bukovac My Life.

It was a lovely little play performed by two actors. One actor played Bukovac and the other one played Cabanel. The play showed us that Bukovac had been rejected many times as an artist. He travelled the entire world just to be given a fair chance. When he arrived to Paris, he confronted Cabanel, who was a teacher and a mentor in the Paris School of Arts, and asked him to be accepted as a student. After a lot of persuading Cabanel said he would under one condition - Bukovac must have made a painting in two weeks. After two weeks, Bukovac showed him a painting of a hand. Cabanel was astonished with Bukovac’s painting and said: ‘You’ve got to show up tomorrow at my class.’ That was the start of Bukovac’s successful career.

After a play we saw, compared, discussed and admired many of the art works of Bukovac and Cabanel exhibited in the gallery.

It was a very nice and beautiful exhibition. I would recommend to everyone to visit the exhibition or any of the artworks done by Vlaho Bukovac. It is truly one of a kind experience.

Jaša (MYP2)

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