Night at the Library 2018

Night at the Library 2018

Friday 14th was a special night in our school. Our librarians organised the Night at the Library for both national and international programme students.

The focus of this event was on developing media literacy, which is an integral part of the annual project 'Media from A to Z'. We got together with the documentary film director Mr. Boris Mitić who brought professional recording gear. We debated how interesting books were.

Later we watched the movie Pagemaster. After all the excitement we went to sleep. We got a chance to spend a whole night in the school library. It was a unique experience and a unique night for many of us. It surely changed our opinion about the idea of a sleepover. It was a fun way of learning and bonding with other students and making some new friends. It was definitely a night to remember.

Mia (MYP1)

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