Enrolment Steps for the Primary Years Programme

Welcome to Matija Gubec International School! We are delighted that you have chosen to enrol your child with us!

We desire our Admission process to be clear, diligent, and as simple as possible. To facilitate this process, we have provided below the important forms you will need to review and complete as a part of the Admission process.

Placement in all grades is strictly determined by age of March 31st in the academic year of entry as follows:   

Entering Grade           Age by 31st March

PYP 0                                        5

PYP 1                                        6

PYP 2                                        7

PYP 3                                        8

PYP 4                                        9


Steps to Enrol

Step 1 – Application

Fil in an PYP Online Application form.

The following documents must accompany the application:

  • Original of the most recent report card
  • Court interpreter transcript of the applicant’s latest report card in Croatian (if the applicant does not come from an IB school)
  • Certificate of a completed primary school year issued by the previous school
  • Copy of the applicant identification document, i.e. passport, showing the applicant’s date of birth, nationality, residency status and the spelling of the full name – for foreign nationals only
  • Copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Citizenship („Domovnica“) - for Croatian nationals only
  • Two photos (35 x 45 mm)

Step 2 – Recognition

Submit the Request for recognition procedure for foreign education qualification.

The recognition procedure is started at the request of the applicant who acquired foreign education qualification, or foreign document about finished or partly attended primary education. The request with the corresponding documentation is to be submitted to the Admission Team of the School.

Once the Admission Team has received a complete set of application paper, we will consider your child for admission and the admission process begins. Consequently you will receive a confirmation of receipt of application papers by email. If a place is available, the Admission Team will confirm shortly after. When the child’s name is placed on the respective waiting list, we will immediately get in touch with you again when a place is available.

Step 3 – Interview

Once all the necessary forms are received, the Principal will review the application information and then arrange an interview with the applicant and parents/guardians.

Step 4 – Testing

Further academic evaluation of the student will be scheduled to best determine admission acceptance. We will assess student’s eligibility for admission against our criteria.

Step 5 – Decision on admission

Please note that it is the Admission Team who takes the final decision on acceptance. The process of review usually takes a couple of days and once the decision is made the Admission Committee  will contact you immediately.

Step 6 – Registration

After the admission approval by the Admission Team, the PYP coordinator will call you to schedule a registration appointment. The following will occur at this time:

  • Payment of the enrolment fee in the amount of HRK 3,000.00 (non-refundable/non-transferable) (School fee payment details)
  • Complete and sign the Agreement on the Enrolment.

Schedule a Visit

You can learn about Matija Gubec International School by visiting our website, but we also invite you to experience the school first-hand by scheduling a visit to the School. Please contact the School office at 01/36 47 024 for a tour of the school.


Parental Consent Forms

Once your child becomes our student, you may need to sign some of the Parental Consent Forms, as you will be instructed by your PYP teacher.

You can find and download these forms in the links below:


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