Danger, danger! Water contamination!

Danger, danger! Water contamination!

It was just an ordinary day in PYP 3 Class – learning, minding our own business, when suddenly, we received a strange phone call from our Principal.

We were informed that water in our school was contaminated and all those who drank it or washed their hands were in possible danger. They could get a rash, a headache or a stomach-ache. The instructions were not to use the water in any way, sit still and wait for the doctor to examine us.

While waiting for the examination, students started having all the above mentioned symptoms – they started itching themselves, barely visible red spots appeared on their skin, started having stomach-aches…

The doctor thoroughly checked everyone and concluded that we were safe because we didn’t take a lot of water in our bodies. Students started thinking and inquiring about the importance of water in everyday life.

            “How are the cooks going to make lunch?”

            “What are we going to eat and drink?”

             “Is somebody going to bring us bottled water?”

             “How do people who live in places with no water survive?”

These were just some of the questions.

           “Now what, teachers?”

           “Now? Now is the time when we tell you that all this isn’t real.

            Water is not contaminated.

            Now is the time to shout Provocaaaaatioooon!”

 Have we made you start thinking?

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