Welcome to a New School Year

Welcome to a New School Year

Dear Parents and Students, 

We would like to extend a warm welcome back to all of our returning students and a warm welcome to our new students. We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and wish all of you to come back to school with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the school year ahead. 

The school year 2019/2020 starts on Monday, 09/09/2019. The opening ceremony for the MYP students will start at 09:00 a.m. in the Cinema hall, after which the students and parents will proceed to the classroom meetings with their homeroom teachers. 

The homeroom teachers will provide all information about the programme model, school curriculum, attendance rules, policies and school supplies, hand out student timetables and assign lockers. The students are not expected to bring any school equipment on Monday. The students will be given all schoolbooks for subjects by their subject teachers during the first week. During the classroom meeting the parents will have an opportunity to elect the Parents' Council Representative. The entire school year opening event, including the classroom meetings with the homeroom teachers will last approximately two 45-minute class periods. 

We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Yours sincerely, 
Matija Gubec Team

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